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Street Team

rare breed street team

Hey Friends!

Welcome to our Street Team Application page! *happy dance*

The Rare Breed Street Team is designed for people who deeply believe in the message of Rare Breed and who want to champion the success of the book by spreading the word about it.

As you can imagine, one of the biggest challenges in launching a book is promoting it. Especially when it’s your first one. So, of course, we’re looking for all the help we can get!

To join the Street Team, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Thank you again – you’ve got our immense gratitude, and some fun gifts coming your way! 

To the Rare Breed in You,

Street Team Members Get:

  • Acceptance into an exclusive Facebook group.
  • Access to special, invite-only video and in-person meetups in New York to discuss promotional ideas and engage with other street team members.
  • Exclusive giveaways only for members (physical book copies, author access, early access to book signings, swag, etc.)
  • A t-shirt with your unique virtue: Rebellious, Audacious, Obsessed, Hot-Blooded, Weird, Hypnotic, Emotional. Want to find out which virtue you are? Take the quiz.
  • Promotional materials and cool Instagram gifs, story templates, and more.
  • Autographed copies of books, bookmarks, postcards, and more.
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions.

Join the Street Team:

Please fill out the form below if you’re interested in becoming a member. It will put you on the Street Team mailing list & will let us send you special stuff, too!

Big Impact Things You Can Do Now:

  • Buy Rare Breed: Order during the pre-order window (now through Sept 3) – this will help us meet that crazy 10k goal!
  • Tell Your Friends About It: People buy books based on recommendations.
  • Put Rare Breed on your Goodreads “Want to Read” List.
  • Recommend to your Book Club.
  • Share Rare Breed On Social: Post about the book with photos, on facebook Live, post Instagram stories, Tweet about it, share photos from our meetups, launch events, and more. To make things super easy, we’ve created a fun book sharing toolkit in the link below. We’ve even created fun Instagram stickers, gifs and more!
  • Introduce Us: Connect us to important podcasters, celebrities, media, influencers, journalists, entrepreneurs, etc., who can get Rare Breed’s message out. We’ve created ready-to-post Tweets and more just for you in the link below.
  • Write an Article: Post on your blog, website, Facebook, etc. We’ve provided ready-to-post book blurbs, too.
  • Send to Your Email List: Make an announcement to your email list and ask your subscribers to purchase a copy. Need a script to send out? We’ve made one for you in the link below.
  • Ask Your Local Bookstore: Put in a request to sell Rare Breed.
  • Review Rare Breed on Amazon: Do this as soon as you get your hands on a copy!
  • Share updates about Rare Breed: Share appearances and signings, awards we receive, and other share-worthy content.
  • Work for a Company? Ask them to purchase bulk copies to share with your team for personal development. You can learn more about bulk orders by going here.
  • Take the Quiz: Find out what virtue you are and share the quiz with friends so they can take it too!

Rare Breed Shareable Tool Kit: